Monday, August 14, 2006

Chelsea 1-2 Liverpool

What a great way to kick start the new season

The title of this posting is the same with the report on BBC Sport. Since all the tit-bits are in that report, I'll focus on the impact of the match.

Everyone was concerned about how Chelsea's all star team will have an impact on the Premiership. People were thinking that they will dominate the Premiership with all the big names money can buy. Liverpool on the other hand, didn't impress in the much in terms of their pre-season spending. Most of their signings are young talents with few results to show. But the result shows what football is all about: money can't buy success, and how well players perform on the field is not being determined by their monetary value.

So much for the great German midfielder

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Lampard's World Cup misery continues, and Terry was Terry-ble in that match

Momo Sissoko was the Man of the Match

So, this is how we kick start Premiership 06/07. The Community Shield match represents a huge lesson to be learnt by many teams. Chelsea is still the top favorite to win the trophy, but other teams can still beat them, just like how Liverpool beat them. It's also time for Chelsea to realize that money isn't everything. They can keep on signing superstars, but they are still not invincible.

All images are from BBC Sport.

What can Mr. Mourinho say now?