Monday, August 28, 2006

1/7 Scale Cima Garahau Figurine

Here’s a beautiful and realistic-looking figurine of Cima Garahau from UC0083: Stardust Memory. The white tiger striped chair is exactly what you’ll get to see in the anime. I normally don’t introduce any figurines, since that’s not the categories of Gundam stuff I’m interested in at all. But for Cima, I’ll make an exception. :-)

The figurine is about 30cm tall (the height of a PG model), and one mini Zanzibar class Lili Marleen (the battleship under her Cima’s command is the anime) is also included. The Lili Marleen is quite beautiful, with all the details of the ship nicely put on.

Know that this is a fixed-pose pre-painted merchandise, so what you see here is exactly what you will get when you buy this product. For the delicacy of the sculpture and paint work, the price is sky high (17,800 Yen not including transportation fee from HLJ). Buy this if you’re interested in figurines, or you’re just plain rich and don’t know how to spend the money. :-)

Image is from HLJ.

I would get one myself if I'm not as broke as I'm right now. Wah~~~