Thursday, August 03, 2006

HGUC Domtropen and HGUC Gelgoog Marine: More Pictures

I was thinking after the review on Gelgoog Marine about just how few pictures I include for the last two reviews I did. So here's a bit of compensation for everyone. The "spread palm" used for Domtropen and the MMP-80 90mm Machinegun is borrowed from Gelgoog Marine, while the Sturm Faust in one of Domtropen photos and the Giant Baz shown with Gelgoog Marine are from HGUC Rick Dom II. The weapons used are available in the anime, but unfortunately they were not included in their respective kits. Since some parts are compatible, they can be used to relive some the moment from the anime.

The standard Raketen Bazooka - Don't ask me, I also don't know what Raketen means...

...I only know that it can only be used by land units

Taste my kendo stick... err, I mean Heat Saber!

Another Heat Saber action

Pose with the MMP-80 90mm Machinegun and the Heat Saber

Here's a tasty Sturm Faust borrowed from my cousin, Rick Dom II

Imagine that shield smiting you right on the face

One is not enough...

...two are just perfect

The Giant Baz from Rick Dom II

Action pose with the standard, and rather boring machinegun