Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Think Out of the Box(es)

The Gunpla models I ordered from Gilbert are scheduled to arrive next week. That's a really good news, but when I look at all the boxes of models I have currently, an immediate headache is really unavoidable...

Gundam boxes on top of my bookshelf

Another two on top of the cupboard where I put most of my Gundam models on display, which is overpopulated at the moment

Gundam boxes on top of another bookshelf of mine, while PG Zeta is on top of my wardrobe

This is officially the 10th year since I started collecting Gundam models. I loves the content, but all the box arts are really coolsome as well. So there's no way I'm going to sent the boxes to be recycled. Most of them just stay on top of my drawer, cupboard, and bookshelves to gather dust. Wuhhuh~

But again, all those boxes are impeding new ones to come in :-( and stacking them till they touch the ceiling is really no a good way out.

Under the table? Full house too

Three boxes containing some other Gunpla boxes not seen above...

...which contain other small boxes of other Gunpla models!

How leh, like this?