Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Banpresto's New Musha Gundam Series & Humable Model Shining & Rising Gundam

Mentioned a bit about this new Musha Gundam prize item series from Banpresto not long ago. The series is called Kiba Musha Den Real Type Figure Musha Five, and will be available next May and June.

There are a total of six characters (including the horse) in the series, two of them are completely new. GA Graphic has new images of these new Musha Gundams:

Gounetsu Karakurishi Double Zeta - new character

Ryuhjin Doushi Nu - new character

Musha Gundam - first released in September last year. This time it comes with a new musket.

Musha Mk. II - first released in October this year. This 'new' version comes with a rifle.

The ones not seen here are Musha Zeta and Kiba Musha. Release date for both of them TBA at the moment. For the other four:

- The Chapters of Water and Fire (水の巻・火の巻) - Musha Gundam and Gounetsu Karakurishi Double Zeta - 3rd Week of May release.

- The Chapters of Wind and Sky (風の巻・空の巻) - Musha Mk. II and Ryuhjin Doushi Nu - 3rd Week of June release.

Images from GA Graphic.

GA Graphic also has new gallery for Shining and Rising Gundam from Gundam Humable Model Vol. 3:

The articulation is not the only thing to marvel at for this prize item set, I think Banpresto's doing really well with the design of the details and painting as well. From the images above, you can find that the painting for the head and face of both Gundam is very accurate.

Available in the 4th week of April 2009.

Images from GA Graphic.