Friday, April 13, 2007

PG Jadg Doga Conversion Kit

From G System, the creator of 1-35 Ex-S Gundam comes a PG conversion kit for Jadg Doga from Char's Counterattack. The PG kit used is Zaku II, but for a MS like Jadg Doga, which is much bigger in proportion as compared to Zaku II, the completed kit of Jadg Doga will be in 1-72 scale instead of 1-60 for PG kits. Initially, when I first blog about the release of this conversion kit last November, the announced release date is February this year. However, the delay is well compensated with this lovely kit.

Like all previous models and resin kits produced by G System, Jadg Doga is extremely gorgeous, even though I don't really like the color matching between green and gold. The details of the kit, however, are really well designed. Actually, the idea of converting PG Zaku into Jadg Doga is surprising enough, since they come from two different worlds, but from the still shots below, it seems that they actually can blend into each other. I suspect 60% of the PG kits will not be used though~

This green version belongs to Gyunei, whom I don't like throughout the whole anime at all. The website announced that the pink/red version belonging to Quess Paraya will be released soon. I don't really like Quess as well, since she is really weird character in the anime, but at least pink/red looks better than green/gold :-P Even though the design of the MSs are the same, Quess Paraya's version features a beam gatling, which I'm sure is what G System is working on right now, and is why both kits can't be released at the same time.

I'm poor at painting, and $315 for a conversion kit is really something at the bottom of my wish list. I'm hoping that Bandai would give us the MG version of Jadg Doga, or Geara Doga, which happens to be one of my favorites from the anime as well. They might not be as hot-selling as Gundams, but their coolsome mecha design definitely deserves the MG treatment.

All images are from G System.