Tuesday, May 26, 2009

1m Tall Eva Unit 1

Evangelion Store announced a super-duper item for Evangelion New Theatrical Ver. - a 1-meter tall Evangelion figure, produced by Medicom Toys.

The scale listed is 1/80 (新劇場版:序よりエヴァンゲリオン初号機を約1/80スケールにて完全立体化!). Since the height of these EVAs were never mentioned anywhere in the anime, we can only know their actual height now: 80 meters.

80 meters? ^^;

Anyway, this is a figure because all the parts are non-movable. To prevent the figure from falling down, the lower half of the body is installed with metal frame inside, while the exo-armors are made of soft vinyl. The horn on the head, shoulder weapon container and Prog Knife are made of ABS hard plastic though. The Prog Knife held in the figure's right hand can be detached. The top of the entry plug is produced in different parts. All the texts on the shoulder and forearm are produced in details.

Comes with a acrylic plated base locked on to the feet of the figure - non-removable.

It's 28kgs in weight.

Available through ore-order on Evangelion Store's website only. Pre-order period is between May 24th and August 23rd.

December release, the price is 155,400 Yen, delivery charge is 840 Yen (inclusive of tax - for Japanese order)

Images and information from Evangelion Store.