Sunday, May 24, 2009

Robot Damashii Regnant & Others

The pre-order page for Robot Damashii [Side MS] Regnant is now up on Tamashii Web Shop.

Pre-order has started since two days ago (May 22nd), closing date TBA. A display base is included, no other accessory listed - complete transformation between the MS and MA modes without part-swapping then.

Late October release, 9,450 Yen (inclusive of tax).

Image from Tamashii Web Shop.

For Gunpla fans, Bandai Hobbysite has great intro page set up for the just released MG Gouf Ver. 2.0:

Images from Bandai Hobbysite.

Over on BB Senshi Sangokuden's official page, we have introduction of Emperor Sousou, Hakugin Ryuseiba and Sonshoko Gerbera's Gunpla kit:

Having been released on the same day as Sonshoko Gerbera, Joko Serpent is no where to be found though. ^^;

On the other hand, Bandai Collector Department announced a new series of figures called Gundam Heroine Half Age Girls:

A set of five female characters from various Gundam universe in their teen, featuring Lady Une (Gundam W), Meer Campbell (Gundam SEED Destiny), Allenby Beardsley, Rain Mikamura (G Gundam) and Kihel Helm (Turn A Gundam). Made of PVC, each figure is 9cm tall.

September release, 525 Yen each (inclusive of tax).

Image from Toysdaily.