Thursday, May 07, 2009

Hobby Complex 07-Tokyo

Hobby Complex 07-Tokyo was held yesterday (May 6th) at Tokyo Big Sight. It was a hobby convention showcasing tons of garage kits, figures and other hobby merchandises.

Despite the heavy rain as reported, the event managed to attract a huge number of visitors, many who attended it to pre-order their favorite future releases.

Not many mecha stuff to see though. ^^; Figurine fans would definitely be having a rich experience at the event (the direct opposite for your wallet if your "defensive aura" is low to those eye candies XD). A lot of ero-ero stuff as well, which I'll not be showing here of course. ^^; Interested fans please check the list of links at the bottom of this posting.

Wave's W.H.A.M.! Tetsukyojin Galient Action Figure - October release, 24,675 Yen (inclusive of tax).

Wave's Zyashinhei Pre-painted Polystone Statue - 35cm tall. Wave Direct limited merchandise. Pre-order period has started since March 25th, and will end on May 30th. August release, 78,750 (inclusive of tax).

Yamato's 1/24 AV-98 Ingram Unit 1 Movie Ver. - Out already I think. I have seen quite a few reviews about it on other websites since last week.

Different versions of Saber ^^

Metallic figurine! O_O

Yamato's 艶華王道 ダイ☆ショーグン 服部霧子 - Fall 2009 release, price TBA.

Hobby Japan-limited Hobby Japan Limited 1/6 Revy - Mid July release, 11,500 Yen.
Never have I seen such a gentle-looking Revy before ^^;

Gundam girl figurines?

Yuki space ninja ver.? ^^

Super Human Samurai. Anyone still remember them?

Other unknown characters for me.

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