Monday, May 25, 2009

Gundam Double Z Blu-Ray Disc Box Set

The release of HGUC Schuzrum Dias, and the upcoming EWAC Zack are prelude to this: Gundam Double Z Blu-Ray Disc Box Set ^^

All 47 episodes including the prelude will be released in two parts:
* Part I (Episode 1 - 24) - September 25th release
* Part II (Episode 25 - 47) - November 25th release

Each set include the opening themes, introduction booklet and the cover jacket will be newly illustrated by Satou Keiichi (さとうけいいち). 36,750 Yen for each set (inclusive of tax).

Still quite some time to go before the actual release of these two box sets, Bandai must have something in planning I believe. ^^ Furthermore, HGUC No. 100 is coming up really soon too (EWAC Zack will be No. 95). Could No. 100 be Double Z Gundam?

Or maybe something much bigger, like MG Double Z Gundam Ver. 2.0 by November? Bandai usually has one or two major MG releases before the end of the year. With Exia in the third quarter, could Double Z Gundam Ver. 2.0 be coming after that?

With the HGUC series warming up the Double Z series, and no news about a theatrical release (like Gundam Zeta) that can warrant a string of Gunpla releases over too long a period, it's really now or never, Bandai. ^^

Information and images from Gundam Dot Info.