Sunday, August 02, 2009

Even More Images from Wonder Festival [Summer] 2009

*Forgot I still have this unpublished ^^;

I suppose it's true that Wonder Festival is the world's largest figurines and resin kit convention. One better brings a few extra batteries and memory cards when attending this event because there are just to many stuff to see and shoot ^^

A compilation of various goodies from various booths for this posting, which is really just a tips of an iceberg ^^;

I have seen several of these figurine before, like that very sexy Yoko and Kan-U the n-th version, but being someone you might call an "outsider" to the world of figurines, there are just too many of them I have no idea about ^^

But they sure are lovely. ^^

All 4 pages of galleries from Dengeki Online and Moeyo.