Saturday, May 29, 2010

Volks' 1/100 V-Siren [Nepture] & Jagd Mirage Delay of Release Date

Volks announces the release date of two of its Five Star Stories resin kits, IMS (Injection Assembly Mortar Headd Series) SMM (Super Mechanical Moving) V-Siren [Nepture] and High-Spec Garage Kit "the Green Demon" Jagd Mirage will be delayed.

V-Siren [Nepture] was previously set to be released in summer this year (exact month of release N/A) at 8,400 Yen (inclusive of tax). Volks' web shop has started accepting pre-order for this kit since mid March.

High-Spec Garage Kit Jagd Mirage was previously set to be released in July at two different prices for regular customers and VS/VIP members/owners of Volks' 1/32 L.E.D. Mirage Bust up model (see this previous posting for more info). Pre-order will end this Monday (May 31st).

The new release date after this delay is not announced though.

Image is from Volks.