Thursday, May 20, 2010

Ichiban Kuji Compact Prize Item Set Released

New images of "Ichiban Kuji Compact Evangelion New Theatrical Ver." prize item set from Banpresto, which was announced in mid April.

Already released it seems.

Type A: Shiny piggy bank - 1 type. 18cm tall. Piggy bank with lighting gimmick. When a coin is dropped into the container, the light will fade downward slowly, simulating the effect of a floating coin.

Type B: Notepad with cover - All 2 types. A4-sized. Has a luxurious leather-like cover.

Type C: Paper tape - All 4 types. 4cm wide. With font face and image design from the world of Evangelion.

Type D: Sticker note [Nerv model] - All 2 types. 10cm wide. In hexagonal cut.

Type E: Supplementary plastic case - 1 type. 17cm tall. Transparent storage case with designs of the medicine bag and infusion as seem om Evangelion.

Type F: Synchro notepad with cover - All 3 types. 18cm wide. Featuring the impressive scenes from the movie. The paper cover of the notebook is "synchronized" with the clear cover.

400 Yen each (inclusive of tax).

Also has a "Double Chance Campaign" where fans can draw for the special prize of Type B Notepad with cover in the color of "Secret Dead Sea Scrolls" (裏死海文書).

Images are from this previous posting and Moeyo.