Thursday, May 20, 2010

Gunpla 945SH G Ver. GP30th New Images

New images of SoftBank Corporation's limited Gunpla 945SH G Ver. GP30th mobile phone announced on Tuesday. The phone was officially announced ta SoftBank Corporation's Summer 2010 Model Presentation on the same day.

Seems that the content of the huge box displayed are the phone (the smallest container), a separate box on its right for the "Metal in Frame", and the limited Gunpla's runners.

Pre-order has started on SoftBank since yesterday (May 19th). September release, 73,920 Yen/97,920 Yen (inclusive of tax). There are actually different figures set for the price, as new purchase and exchange of phone (varying period of usage) are all priced differently, and on top of that, the company offers installment scheme for the phone as well.

Images are from Gigazine.