Tuesday, July 27, 2010

RG 1/1 Gundam Project Opening Ceremony New Images

New images showing the opening ceremony of RG 1/1 Gundam Project in Shizuoka on last Friday night (July 23rd):

Seats were arranged near the entrance of the venue. The building shown on the right is JR Higashi-Shizuoka Station.

Shizuoka Hobby Museum. Admission is free for most parts, except for the museum exhibition, entrance fee is 600 Yen for adults and 200 Yen for children.

Wallpaper showing all the different types of RX-78-2 Gunplas released in the last 3 decades.

Special store selling event limited original goods

HG 1/144 Gundam RX-78-2 Ver. G30th RG 1/1 Gundam Project Ver. and SoftBank Corporation's Gunpla 945SH G Ver. GP30th mobile phone limited 1/100 Gundam RX-78-2.

BB Senshi Gundam RX-78-2 RG 1/1 Gundam Project Ver.

Gundam Cafe's special booth at the event.

Different views of the statues through the evening.

Speech by Bandai's President Chief Gundam Officer Mr. Ueno Kazunori (上野和典氏) and the Mayor of Shizuoka, Mr. Zenkichi Kojima (小嶋善吉氏)

Performance and beam saber light-up ceremony by T.M. Revolution.
T.M. Revolution is the performer of "Imaginary Ark", the official theme song for Gunpla 30th Anniversary

Appearance of Yoshiyuki Tomino-sensei. On the far left is Mr. Muramatsu from Bandai, who presented a present to T.M. Revolution.

The statue is located at East Shizuoka Square (north east of JR Shizuoka Station/Naganuma, Aoi-ku, Shizuoka City). The public display will from July 24th, 2010 till January 10th, 2011.

Images are from Mainichi.