Saturday, July 31, 2010

Robot Damashii New Sub-line from Tamashii Nation Newsletter EDITED

EDITED: Oops, sorry, my bad, it's WarGreymon ^^;

A newsletter from Tamashii Nation was distributed on the streets of Akihabara today, with news featuring a new sub-line (new Side) for Robot Damashii and D-Arts Omegamon WarGreymon (?)

Also announced are a few Robot Damashii figures to be reissued near the end of the year:
* [Side MS] Exia - October reissue, 2,940 Yen (inclusive of tax).
* [Side MS] Gundam F91 - October reissue, 3,150 Yen (inclusive of tax).
* [Side MS] Masurao - November reissue, 3,360 Yen (inclusive of tax).
* [Side KMF] Lancelot Albion - November reissue, 3,990 Yen (inclusive of tax).
* [Side KMF] Gawain - November reissue, 7,140 Yen (inclusive of tax).

The newsletter will be available in Akihabara tomorrow (August 1st) as well.

Information about the newsletter is from Tamashii Web Diary. Images are from ToyWorld Forum.