Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Gundam UC Episode 2 Updates

Apart from the box art of HGUC Delta Plus mentioned this afternoon, Gundam UC's official site has quite a few updates on Episode 2 of the OVA, "The Red Comet".


Hasan - From "Gundam Zeta". Army physician on board Nahel Argama.

Conroy Haagensen - Second in command of Ecoas Squadron 920. Ranked Major. Second arm man of Daguza Mackle.

Aaron Terzieff - Engineering from Anaheim Electronics. In charge of armor material development of Unicorn Gundam. Detained by Ecoas when escaped from Megaranika (? - メガラニカ).


MSN-001A1 Delta Plus

[Video] - A English dubbed version of the first trailer is now up for international fans. Has French, Chinese and Japanese subtitles. Can be watched through this link.

Gundam UC Episode 2 "The Red Comet" will be released in Japanese cinemas on October 30th, together with its Blu-ray disc advance sales (7,000 Yen) as well as the PlayStation Store version. The regular Blu-ray disc and DVD release will be released on November 12th at 5,800 Yen and 4,800 Yen respectively.

Images are from Gundam UC's official site.