Friday, August 27, 2010

Wave's 1/72 MBR-04-MkVI Tomahawk Preview

It's being quite a while since we last heard from Wave's 1/72 Macross plamo kit, MBR-04-MkVI Tomahawk after its release date was postponed from June to this month back in early June. This kit was actually announced back in mid February.

GA Graphic has 2 postings up about this kit to not only refresh our memories about it, but introduction on its assembly as well.

Forearm cannons are molded in tube and rings to eliminate seem lines when assembled.

The missiles and the containers are separated for the ease of painting.
Each of the six hatches can be opened/closed individually.

Linked action of the missiles being pushed outwards when the chest missile hatch is opened.

Clear part is used for the sensor part

The thigh and knee are fixed, but the hip is movable.
Parts are molded with consideration for the least parting line to be visible as well.

170mm tall. This month release, 7,140 Yen (inclusive of tax).

Images are from GA Graphic: Link 1 (Assembly), Link 2 (Preview).