Friday, July 11, 2008

1/100 Exia Trans-Am Mode & Gundam Expo Tokyo 2008 EDITED

EDITED: Updated information about 1/100 Avalanche Exia.

* Initially spotted on Gundamaniac.

1/100 Gundam Exia in Trans-Am mode and Action Display Base in sparkle clear green are coming in late August:

In pearl pink extra finish color scheme - exactly visible in this image eh? Need more updates for better view.
5,250 Yen (inclusive of tax), also being listed on Hobby Search.

682 Yen (inclusive of tax), also being listed on Hobby Search.
Images from Hobbynet.

Anyway, Exia's fans, anyone getting the Trans-Am mode? I'll definitely pass on this one, since I've the normal version already, and not to mention the plan to get Astraea and Avalanche Exia. I might bore myself out assembling so many Exias XD

Also, 1/100 Avalanche Exia is now available on Hobby Search.

Despite being the third variations using Exia's frame (after Astraea and Astraea Type F), the bulkiness of the model and the huge number of parts are reasons good enough for me to include this on my (already very long ^^;) to-get list.

Foil stickers (a lot of them!) for the interior of the thrusters(?). Also, parts like the shoulder armors are newly molded, so you can't really convert Avalanche Exia back to its original form.

Clear stickers of the Celestial Beings' emblem included.

The many red 'X's tells you how many runners are actually being recycled reused from the original Exia.
Images from Hobby Search.

EDITED: After running through the manual again, I found out that all the runners for Exia (A to H, SB-8 and PC-116) are included in Avalanche Exia. Even foil stickers for the forearms and legs which are not needed for Avalanche Exia are included as well. So the convertibility between the two is actually 100% ^^

Just make sure you follow the manual of Exia from sites like Dalong if you're intending such conversion ^^

Also, Gunota Headlines has the details of the different sections to be set up in the upcoming Gundam Expo Tokyo 2008:

Amuro Vs. Char Giant Diorama Zone - Giant diorama, video, and chronology of the popular First Gundam characters.

Successive Gundams Zone - An introduction to the history of Gundam productions, including SD Gundam, through posters, displays, and video.

Newest Items Zone - All the latest Gundam plamodels and figures.

Gundam 00 Zone - With the newest second season promo video, a digest video of the first season, and the debut of a giant 00 Gundam diorama.

Game Experience Zone - The latest home games as well as Bonds Of The Battlefield.

Stage & Theater - Screening Gundam-related videos and a seiyuu talk show.

Sales Zone - Limited edition merchandise available here.