Saturday, July 19, 2008

Project BM! Setsuna, Revoltech & Movie Realization Batman

Project BM! is releasing a limited edition Setsuna F. Seiei figure in December to commemorate the opening of the Tamashii Web Shop. It'll be available for order from July 29 through September 3 at a price of 17,640 yen and comes with open hands & fist parts plus a stand. -- information from Gunota Headlines.

Tamashii_BM_Setsuna_01_s Tamashii_BM_Setsuna_02_s
Tamashii_BM_Setsuna_03_s Tamashii_BM_Setsuna_04_s
Marina Ismail would definitely like to get one ^^
Images from Tamashii Web Shop.

Personally, I have no interest in this figure at all, ^^; despite the "limited edition" tag. I believe it would be better if this figure is designed with the pilot suit instead, then fans could pose him grabbing his helmet looking upward as seen in the earliest promo image for Gundam Double O.

Also from Tamashii Nation, more images of Movie Realization Batman and Bat-Pod. This figure was on display in Tokyo Toy Show held not long ago. I'll let you decide which one has better details, this Movie Realization version, or the Dark Knight version from Hot Toys posted a few days ago. But one thing for sure, its price is definitely lower than the later, particularly when his new vehicle, the Bar-Pod is bundled in this release, while the Dark Knight version and his Bat-Pod are sold separately.

Batman's fans can get this figure in late September, the price is 8,925 Yen (with tax).

Amiami_Movie_Batman_01_s Amiami_Movie_Batman_03_s Amiami_Movie_Batman_02_s
Amiami_Movie_Batman_04_s Amiami_Movie_Batman_05_s
Amiami_Movie_Batman_09_s Amiami_Movie_Batman_10_s
Amiami_Movie_Batman_08_s Amiami_Movie_Batman_06_s

Images above are from Amiami.

On a completely separate note, some updates on future Revoltech Yamaguchi figures. We already know that the next release (after ARX-8 Laevatein) in Enki from Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann:

135mm in height, with 55 points of articulation. Comes fully loaded with all his weapons including chest cannon, missiles, double katana and even their sheaths. Also included are optional parts for Gurren Lagann's flight unit.
September 15th release, 1,995 Yen (with tax).

But do you know that the next entry after Enki will be Kerberos Panzer Cop from The Red Spectacles?

125mm in height, with 37 points of articulation. Comes with an array of weapons like Mauser C96, Mauser C96 (storage mode), MG34, FG42 (MG42?), belts with magazines for MG34 and backpack.
September 15th release, 1,995 Yen (with tax).

Regardless of whether you know this character from his film The Red Spectacles, or the more familiar manga series Legend of the Dog-Wolf, Kerberos Panzer Cop was at one time a very hot name. Figures of different scales were available. The Nazi-styled helmet, red goggles, gas mask, armors and the machine guns are just too awesome. It's not as popular as it was years ago, but it's great to see Kaiyodo picked him to be released as a Revoltech figure. I think it's time the soldier shows more of his action through Revoltech unbeatable joints ^^

Images from Kaiyodo's official site.