Thursday, July 17, 2008

Custom Hand Unit for Your Plamos

Kotobukiya recently announced two sets of custom hand unit in its MSG (Modeling Support Goods) series for your plamos. Targeted for 1/144 scale plamos, they seem quite suitable for Gunplas well. ^^ For that, the price for each set, 500 Yen is far cheaper than the manipulators released by B-Club, which is usually around 2,000 Yen for each set.

Joints of two different diameters are included for each: 3mm and 3.7mm for Normal Hand Unit A; 3mm and 4.4mm for Custom Hand Unit A. Available in November.

Normal Hand Unit A - Also available on Hobby Search.

Custom Hand Unit A - Also available on Hobby Search.

On the other hand, another future release from Kotobukiya is 1/72 Hannibal (PKO Specifications) from Patlabor 2 The Movie. I only watched the TV series of Patlabor, so I'm pretty certain this is a mecha which only appeared in the movie version. Not sure how popular it is, but the price is definitely 'awesome', At 1/72 scale, which is about the height of an average 1/144 Gunpla, 4,410 Yen (inclusive of tax) is quite a high price indeed. ^^;

Available in November.

HobbySearch_Hannibal_01_s HobbySearch_Hannibal_06_s HobbySearch_Hannibal_03_s
HobbySearch_Hannibal_02_s HobbySearch_Hannibal_05_s HobbySearch_Hannibal_04_s
HobbySearch_Hannibal_07_s HobbySearch_Hannibal_08_s
Also available on Hobby Search.

All images above are from Kotobukiya.