Wednesday, July 23, 2008

HGUC Kampfer Quick View

Three quick photos of HGUC Kampfer from Space Diary of the Captain. It's a straight assembly version, so you can see exactly what you'll be getting straight out of the box of this upcoming HGUC release.

Quite a few smaller thrusters on the body need painting.

spacediary_kampfer_02_s spacediary_kampfer_03_s
The Zeon emblem clear sticker given is different from the MG version!
Also, the Giant Baz seems proportionally larger as compared to its MG equivalence as well. ^^

Can't really tell how good (or average) the articulation is just by these few photos at the moment, but I certainly love the color better as compared to the MG version (dark navy greenish kind-of blue). Also, with just a single pin as the mount rack for the bazooka, it's easy to predict that part will exhaust very quickly if the bazooka is being repeatedly snap on and take off from it. That's one thing to be cautious about this kit for sure.

All images form Space Diary of the Captain.