Tuesday, July 15, 2008

She Predator Machiko

Remember the female human-Predator figurine shown at the recent Tokyo Toy Show?

Is it Lex from the first AVP movie? Apparently not, it's actually Machiko Noguchi from the comic book and novel series of AVP. Also, from what I read, she appeared in the realm of AVP much earlier than Lex in the movie version. Here's a bit of bibliography about Machiko:

"Born of Japanese ancestry, Machiko was trained in the martial arts by Master Ko, and reached the level of brown belt in karate. Stationed in Prosperity Wells on the planet Ryushi, Noguchi and the colonists with whom she lives with get embroiled into the hunt of a group of Predators who are on the planet to hunt the Aliens in order to attain warriorhood. After many conflicts Noguchi gains a friendship with the Predator leader, Dachande. This relationship leads to Dachande giving Noguchi the Predator name Da'dtou-di (meaning "small knife") and Noguchi being accepted as a human Predator." -- from Wikipedia.

The figurine displayed at Tokyo Toy Show 2008 was Hot Toys' Hot Angel x Movie Masterpiece 1/6 She Predator Machiko. Stands about 30cm tall, this figurine features 20 points of articulation, on top of all her Predator gears including articulated shoulder cannon, extendable spear, closed Shuriken, wrist blades, Predator mask with warrior scar and many others. A display base is also included.

hottoys_machiko_01_s hottoys_machiko_02_s hottoys_machiko_03_s
hottoys_machiko_04_s hottoys_machiko_05_s hottoys_machiko_06_s
To be available by Quarter 3 of 2008, the price from XL-Shop Dotcom is RM508 (US$155.4).

On the other hand, if you're a fan of the Predator's adversary, the Xenopmorph, Hot Toys has an offering that might interest you as well: ^^

1/4 Alien collectible bust- about 30cm tall, complete with partial Alien body and stand with 'ALIEN' logo. To be available by Quarter 3 of 2008, the price from XL-Shop Dotcom is RM250 (US$76.5).

hottoys_alien_bust_01_s hottoys_alien_bust_02_s hottoys_alien_bust_03_s
Display this in your room to keep unwanted visitors away XD

All images from Hot Toys.