Saturday, July 26, 2008

Kamen Rider Kiva Episode 25

Fanfare: The Queen's Awakening

As with last week, there are a lot of plot twists in this episode that might change the development of the story for the rest of the series. Also, Episode 25 brought back a few characters who went missing for the last few weeks, including Shizuka, Shima, Kamen Rider Ixa in 1986, Rook the Lion Fangire and the Spider Fangire. On the other hand, this is also the first episode in quite a while with Jiro and Master missing ^^;

After last week, Yuri is more than impressed with Otoya, and with Jiro out of the way, Otoya gets more than just Omlette Rice, but a watch from Yuri as well.

In present time, our love birds are having their usual date when Megumi bumps in. Keisuke's there as well, and his reaction over Megumi's enthusiasm about the couple makes her goes (-_-|||) XD

Thanks to Jiro blowing off his cover, Otoya now takes charge of the Ixa Knuckle. Yuri isn't too happy seeing the device again, as it reminds her of the vow of vengeance over her mother's death. It's time for Otoya's inspirational healing words again ^^

Shima talks to Megumi about a power-up for the Ixa System, as well as his displeasure about Keisuke, who eavesdrops on their conversation, and not very happy at all.

Mio works for a food delivery company now, and her first customer dies mysteriously in front of her after a strange noise...

... same goes for all the workers at her company as well. Creepy stuff O_O

Rook gets new idea for his "Time Play" game, as Maya wipes out another traitor Fangire.

As fate would have it, Otoya meets Maya again, but unfortunately, he gets himself targeted by Rook as well.

Shizuka's back, not too pleased with Mio it seems.
Wataru's usual bath scene is joined by Kivat-Bat's new buddy, Tatsulot.

Bishop of the Checkmate Four appears before Mio (with a creepy green lighting behind him) and asks her to assume her actual identity as the Queen. Mio burns the file with the Queen's emblem on the cover and refuses to believes Bishop's words.

Return of the Spider Fangire, ^^ and he brings along his friend, the Shark Fangire too. Looks like the deaths of Mio's customer and colleagues were the Shark Fangire's doings.

Otoya protects Maya, who "escapes" with him from Rook. It seems that she's trying to find out first hand from Otoya why Fangire can fell in love with human beings.
Not a very brilliant choice eh? ^^;

Otoya becomes Ixa to combat Rook, but he's being manhandled by the Fangire. The Ixa System breaks down again, and this time, with catastrophic impact on Otoya.

Mio who escapes from her Fangire stalkers runs into Megumi and Keisuke. Before Keisuke could use the Ixa Knuckle, his weapons are stolen by the Spider Fangire!

Otoya wakes up with no memory about himself!

Time for some Kiva action. ^^
When the playing field is unfair with two Fangires against Kiva...

...the Emperor turns the table around easily with his "Wake Up Fever" kick.
The Spider Fangire gets to love for at least one more episode. He's very good at escaping anyway.

Otoya only remembers the name of his love, and Maya claims that she is Yuri!
Previously it's Otoya versus Jiro for Yuri, now it's Maya versus Yuri for Otoya. Wuhhuh~

Preview for next week's episode, Metronome: Miraculous Memory:

- Mio realizes her power as the Queen?
- Yuri faces off with Maya
- Garulu Saber for Emperor Kiva. With the Shark Fangire KO-ed in a single episode, it seems that the Spider Fangire is the one left for his fight. I guess it's 'bye-bye' time for Spidey ^^;

The preview was in between promo for Kamen Rider Kiva: The King of Hell Castle. The first promo, before next week's preview is done by Momotaros and his friends from Kamen Rider Den-O ^^

It shows a bit of Kamen Rider Ark's henshin and his power, not to mention his size comparison to Kiva again.

The second promo was after next week's preview, and is about Kamen Rider Rei.

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