Friday, May 26, 2006

1-100 Scale Infinite Justice Gundam

Infinite Justice Gundam is one of those designs I would consider as quite unfortunate when Gundam SEED Destiny was aired quite a while ago. Since the leading Gundams are Strike Freedom and Destiny, others like Infinite Justice and Legend becomes quite insignificant. But Legend's design is too similar to Providence from the original SEED series, therefore not of my favorite as well. But Athlun's Infinite Justice features many cool designs you don't see in any MS before, especially the knee-to-foot beam blade, and the extremely versatile shield. All these make this mecha quite unique among all the other MSs from SEED Destiny, which contain too many copycats.

Bandai did produce the 1-144 Scale version of Infinite Justice, but of course with fewer features and details. What Gundam fans are waiting for is this 1-100 Scale version. Very beautifully molded, with all the armaments included, this is definitely one of the great models from Bandai lately.

Images from HLJ.

Box Image

Details of the model - click to enlarge