Thursday, December 27, 2007

Katoki's Gundam Exia & MG Black Tri-star's Zaku II

The first 00 Region figure, which is the GFF equivalence for Gundam Double O is scheduled to be released in March next year, and the honor goes to (of course) the protagonist Gundam, Exia. The price is 4,200 Yen.

Amiami_00Region_Exia_01_s Amiami_00Region_Exia_02_s
So this is Gundam Exia in Hajime Katoki-senshe's mind ^^ Everything is a lot sharper now, and I really prefer the face design of this GFF 00 Region Exia to the Gunpla version :)

Amiami_00Region_Exia_03_s Amiami_00Region_Exia_04_s
I don't support including any warning decal to any of the Gundams in Double O though, since any of them might give away technical information about these mecha to the world.

That's the ideal color for GN Sword in my opinion ^^
Images from Amiami

Another GFF figure is the Limited Edition FA Gundam - February release, 4,725 Yen. RX-78-2 fans and GFF fanatics beware.

Amiami_LimitedGFF_FA_01_s Amiami_LimitedGFF_FA_02_s
Amiami_LimitedGFF_FA_03_s Amiami_LimitedGFF_FA_04_s
Do you like the new color scheme for this FA Gundam?

Amiami_LimitedGFF_FA_05_s Amiami_LimitedGFF_FA_06_s
The features of this so-called Limited Edition figure is just 'limited' to the Full Armor armor pieces. The Gundam inside is based on Gundam Ver. Ka from GFF Perfect Gundam.
Images from Amiami

You can also have a look at Zeonography Zeong/Perfect Zeong on Amiami, which you have probably seen in an earlier posting on my blog.

On the other hand, a bit of updates of the upcoming MG Black Tri-star's Customized High Mobility Zaku II Ver. 2.0:

MGBTS_Zaku2_01_s MGBTS_Zaku2_02_s
If this is the final color distribution for the new Zaku II, I can see there are several parts which need painting already ^^;
Apart from the new bazooka, there are four parts which are different from the first Zaku II Ver. 2.0. Are they enough to justify the extra 1,000 Yen for this MG?

Overall, this new Black Tri-star's Customized High Mobility Zaku II looks much more streamline than the first one. The thrusters on the legs and the new backpack seem more natural on this Zaku II than the original one. I'm not sure if it's because the proportion of Zaku II Ver. 2.0's body is bigger and made the extra equipments look smaller; or the backpack and legs are made smaller to achieve the same effect ^^;

Anyway, although I'm a Zeon fan, I'm quite certain that I'll pass this Zaku II ^^; I'm trying to save up for some older Gunpla, and also, to fulfill my wish to collect all the four 1/100 Gundam from Double O ^^