Friday, May 19, 2006

New Gundam Kits Announced at Shizuoka Hobby Show

The Shizuoka Hobby Show is one of the biggest annual events for the major toy manufacturers to exhibit their upcoming products for the later half of this year. Although manufacturers of other toy series are also participating, I pay more attention to Bandai's booth, since I'm more interested in the upcoming Gundam model kits. By the way, Bandai’s major manufacturing site is situated in Shizuoka if you would like to know.

The emphasis is given to Char's Counter Attack MS, where most of the major characters are coming out in HCM Pro format. This could be the testing bed for Bandai to see the possibility producing the MSs from that series into HGUC kits. Some other models to look out for are Duel Kai and Buster Kai from Stargazer. Under development is Master Grade Gundam F91, the first Gundam in the Universal Century era featuring beam shield.

No new on any new Perfect Grade model for this year yet! T_T

The summary of the models are as below (from Gunota Headlines)

  • MG Gundam F91 (July, 3,200 yen)

  • MG Gundam F90 (exhibit only)

  • HGUC GP02A (July, 2,100 yen)

  • 1/100 Astray Gold Frame Amatu Mina (July, 3,990 yen)

  • 1/144 HG Buster Gundam Kai (Summer)1/144 HG Duel Gundam Kai (Summer)

  • EX Model La Vie En Rose (September, 6,825 yen)

  • HCM-Pro Sazabi (July, 2940 yen)

  • HCM-Pro RGZ-91 (Aug, 2310 yen)

  • 1/400 Gundam Collection Alpha Azier (Summer)

Images below are from Tsukurikake Mokei Dojo and Pam's Home Page. Click to enlarge and view in a new page.

Master Grade F91
HGUC GP02A, finally out
HGUC Zudah's box image
HGUC Zudah - from MS Igloo series
HGUC Zaku 1, many arnaments are included, although it only uses its shoulder armor to attack in the anime
Ex Model La Vie En Rose - AEUG's space maintenance port, can be used to dock previously released battle cruisers, Argama and Albion
HCM Pro Sazabi, where the big Neo Zeon marking on the shield?
HCM Pro ReGZ - Refined Zeta Gundam, the Back Weapon System is also included.
HCM Pro Gyunei Guss's Jagd Doga. I read from somewhere that it will be on limited release
Gundam Fix Figuration Zeta II, look at the high heels :-D
GFF Zeta II - Waverider form
Duel Gundam Kai, from Stargazer
Duel Gundam Kai, from Stargazer
Buster Gundam Kai, from Stargazer
Buster Gundam Kai, from Stargazer