Monday, May 29, 2006

Funny Chinese Translation

I thought of trying Babel Fish Translation tool for fun in this blog. It turns out to be quite cool. Now people can view my blog in Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, French, German and a couple other languages listed. Just scroll down and until you see it on the right panel of this page, and click the language you want this page to be in. However, don’t expect the tool to give you a 100% accurate translation. I viewed my blog in Chinese that day and almost laughed my head off. For the 1-100 Scale Infinite Justice part, ‘SEED Destiny’ was translated exactly as each word means, and Strike Freedom was translated as Freedom Gundam that goes for a strike on the street. Very funny, I guess the tool can’t identify that those words are meant to be title of items which need not to be translated, and I bet the same thing happens for the other languages as well. Those who understand Japanese and the other languages will know for sure. Funny Chinese Translation