Saturday, May 13, 2006

PLAMO Review 5: SD Gundam NT-1

I finally gave a little bit of thoughts to some of the reviews and comments on my Gundam models and decided to create a category in my blog, so that these babbling of mine will look a bit more organized. For those of you who are visiting my blog for the first time, there have been four previous posts about my Gundam collection, including:

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Feel free to visit read these posts as well through the links provided above, or you can search through the archive. By the way, PLAMO stands for PLAstic MOdels.

For Review number 5, I will share a bit about the SD Gundam NT-1. SD stands for Super Deformed, and is another category of Gundam models produced by Bandai. Aimed at children below 10, these models have big head and small body, that’s why they are called ‘deformed’. They are extremely easy to assemble, usually the total parts of a kit is not more than 50. However, there are trend in Bandai previously, to make the line of SD models to match the complexity and playability of HG models, for example Tekki Musha Psycho and Strike Full Weapon System. This model, Gundam NT-1 fits the first category.

Gundam NT-1 comes from UC0080: War in a Pocket, a six-episode OVA series. I watched that series and cried at the end. The ending is just so sad. It shows that Gundam anime can be more than just robot fights but a lot of emotional elements as well. Anyway, Gundam NT-1 is the main character of that anime. Unlike later series with a few Gundams in the same story, he is the only one, which made him pretty outstanding among GMs, and Zaku IIs.

As mentioned before, even your five-year old niece can get this model done in an hour. But the details were traded off for the simplicity and ease of assembly. Colors on the legs, thrusters, beam saber and some parts of the body are not available. So some paint work is needed for this fella. Inking is a must; else you can’t see the profile well. In terms of equipments, NT-1’s beam rifle is not included, which is a surprise, since that’s his special weapon. But the gatling gun on his forearms are available. The armor pieces of NT-1 are included as well, which allows you to turn him into the FA mode as seen in the anime. One extra mask is included, which makes him look so evil :-)

Another special equipment is the BB Armored Tank, which is the combination of all his armors into a tank-like vehicle. This is only available in SD version, and I’m quite sure it’s the company’s plan to lure more kids to buy this model. Anyway, after painting and inking, this model looks very close to what you get in the anime, which is really cool. The ability to convert from normal mode into the FA version is also quite cool. Now all I need is his arch-enemy, Kampfer. Gundam NT-1 in normal mode, with beam saber and shield Gundam NT-1, with trademark gatling gun on his forearm Gundam NT-1 in Full Armor mode The BB Tank, made up of Gundam NT-1's armor pieces