Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Belated Gundam Product News

Sorry for being absent from my blog again for all this while, assignments in school are really piling up right now, as I'm approaching the end of my current study period.

You will notice that I’ve added several banner ads or links in my blog. You may say that I'm turning my blog commercial now, I can't argue on that. Not only am I measuring the financial capability of this blog, but those ads also help to give me some extra pressure to keep updating my blog as frequently as possible.

Some of the affiliate programs I participated include Nuffnang (for the long banner ad above the title), Google Adsense (the text links) and Associates Center. If you don’t have an immense hatred towards putting ads on your blog ^^; you might be interested to try out these programs as well.

I'll also be opening the two galleries mentioned on my sidebar soon, probably by this or next week. I think many people have lose interest in knowing what’s inside after seeing 'coming soon' being labeled for those links for such a long time +_+;; So sorry about that, I'll get them ready as soon as possible.

And now onto business, some belated news regarding model kits released for this month:

Char's Zaku II Ver. 2.0 – Some of the visible changes made to Ground Type Zaku II Ver. 2.0 for this release include thrusters for the legs, a new backpack, pilot figures of Char and a mini trailer. Not sure how drastic the inner frame of the legs has being modified to incorporate those thrusters, but I’m feeling kind of disappointed as no new armament is added for this fella. I was looking forward to at least two Sturm Fausts to be included, as seen in MS IgLoo. Even though the mini trailer is quite cool, but it’s just an accessory. Never the less, people who has the Ver. 1.0 of Char’s Zaku II can spare some of the weapons in that kit to be used on this one :-)

All images above are from The Gundam Base Side One

Action Display Stand (Char’s color) – a red display stand with Char’s marking and decals! Good for its new MG release, but like I said in the previous post, Sazabi can’t use it, plus from reading the construction manual of the display stand, I don’t think Char’s Z’Gok can either. For both these kits, you’ll need some modification done to them in order to use the stand. Anyway, imagine combining this stand with the usual one, with Char’s Zaku II and Gundam RX-78-2 Ver. OYW on action poses. Cool~

Image from The Gundam Base Side One

Cosmic Region Providence/Legend Gundam – Finally, a CR figure that is compatible between two mecha. As expected, I think, since these two shared a much closer bond as compared to Kira’s Freedom/Strike Freedom and Athrun’s Justice/Infinite Justice. Even the pilots (Rau Le Creuset/Rey Za Burrel) are arguably the same person as well. This figure is being given a more mechanical feel with more details on the body and some cool markings. But of course, like the other CR release, the price is not going to be your regular cup of tea.

Images from Amazon Japan

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