Monday, May 07, 2007

PLAMO Review 17: Action Display Stand

This PLAMO review is not exactly on a model kit actually, the Action Display Stand is more like an accessory or support item.

I picked up this kit just recently, along with some other Gunpla kits. I always thought of putting some of my Gunplas on display stands, but the idea of building one myself just pours a bucket of cold water on my head. And the problem of being a Gunpla collector in Kuching is that, it’s hard enough to get model kits, so accessories for them, like a display stand for example is way harder. Some of my models dying to go midair include Nu Gundam, Qubeley, Sazabi, Rick Dom and so on, which are supposedly space use MSs.

Total parts for the kit

The base of the display stand

The 'stand' of the display stand

The construction of the display stand is quite easy actually. The number of parts is about a SD kit, and most of the parts are quite big in size. That's why I was able to build it amigst all my schoolwork. The design of the base, which resembles the ground of a power plant or MS factory, is brilliant as well. It will look great if painted in metallic color. The cool thing about the stand is that it can be combined with more display stands so that other models can join in to form a gathering of some sort. Well, it’s meant to assemble many MSs in their famous combat scenes from the anime, for example, Strike Freedom versus Legend, Savior versus Freedom, or Akatsuki versus Destiny.

My first test subject was MG GM, success!

NU Gundam can go flying as well, despite the massive weight

Sazabi: I can't use the display stand~

Sazabi: It's all your fault
Nu Gundam: You're just picking up an excuse for another fight

Kampfer: I can't use the stand as well~ Arghhhh~

The key to the modularity of the stand is parts to connect to the models. I hate to describe the part, but really, the best word to use is actually the ass. There are three parts of different sizes you can insert into the leg joints: biggest one meant for MGs, the medium one can take on most HGUCs and some earlier MGs, while the small one can be used for HG 1-144 scale models. There is also a ‘universal’ part, which suits all models, but it requires a hole to be drilled at the back of the model. Not exactly what I would do for my models actually.

HGUC Rick Dom: Now I can fly, but my legs are numb~

SD Freedom Gundam: Help! I'm afraid of height~

It’s true that the display stand is compatible with most MGs, even though I really hoped that it’s for all. Some of the models which do not fit that three slip-in parts include Sazabi (the ass is too big :-) and Kampfer (same problem~), so there’s some disappointment when I tried the completed stand on my Gunpla. It can be safely assume that this display stand is for models released in 2006 onwards.

HGUC Char's Zaku II: Now where's that Gundam?!

Despite the flaw mentioned above, I would like to recommend this stand to all Gunpla lovers. Aside from the low price, it’s pretty much a display stand for dummies :-) as well as those who are not confident to modify models for display. Once you are able to get it up there, i.e. put the model onto the display stand, you can pretty be sure that it will look good.

The stand is now being used by MG S Gundam, as promised
S Gundam: It's about time you give my little legs some rest~