Thursday, May 03, 2007

Liverpool 1-0 Chelsea (Aggregate 1-1, penalty 4-1)

Normally I don't talk about football much on my blog, even though I have a section on that. English Premiership matches are mostly in the wee hours in my country, so watching them means you have to sacrifice sleep and risk having baggy eyes the next day in school or work. Also, I don't have satellite TV, so I don't get to watch as many matches as some of my friends do, as I guess that affects the level of interest I have in the game as well.

Reina was the man of the match in my opinion

Watching football matches always feel like gambling to me. No no, I'm not talking about real money gambling, but whether it's worthwhile not to go to sleep for watching the match. Since it's live, you will have no idea just how the match is going to turn out, even professional match predictors can be wrong at some point. I remember watching some matches during World Cup Germary last year, and boy, one of the matches I watched was really boring (can't remember which team played, can't be bothered either), with short passes around the midfield, plenty of throw-ins, and very few good shots and saves. Nil-nil was the result, which made me thinking back then, a good few hours of sleep was better than such waste of time.

Two England Internationals in the same match, but Lampard seemed to be invisible on the field most of the time

But the European Champions League Semis Second Leg between Liverpool and Chelsea was special for me, not just because I'm Liverpool fan, but it was actually the first football match I watched in many months. Yesterday and the day before were both public holidays, so there was no worry of waking up late after the match, and so I watched it. Actually I missed the first half as I couldn't wake up in time :-P, so I missed Daniel Agger's goal.

Drogba was upfront alone for Chelsea

I'm not going to be technical about the game, since you can read all about the details of the game on BBC Sports.

After Reina saved Geremi's penalty...

... Kuyt scored the winning penalty, and Liverpool is off to Athens~

The bottom line is, Liverpool is going to Athens to meet AC Milan for the final, which will be a 're-match' of 2005 Final. AC Milan sent Manchester United packing with with a stylish 3-0 in San Siro this morning. Groovy~

By the way, now I realize it, the last post made under 'Football' was Liverpool beating Chelsea for the Community Shield last year, and this new match is about Liverpool beating Chelsea again. Muahahaha~

All photos are from BBC Sports.