Saturday, May 26, 2007

MG Zaku II: Ver. 1.0 versus Ver. 2.0

Just got my MG Zaku II Ver. 2.0 from Gilbert today, probably the first in Kuching :3 Haha, that's not the point here anyway. It's just that it's so great to finally see it in my own hands after just seeing pictures and reviews on the Internet, and what's more, owning it and imaging the day when I finally get the time to assemble it...

Walau, saliva all over the floor ^_^;;

People who are not into Gunpla-ing must think I'm crazy, and I can't really blame them. I have talked about this kit many, many times prior to its release. At one point, I even mistook it as MG 100 because of its cool designs. Plus, I always fancy Zeon MS and models over Gundams, and Zaku II Ver. 2.0 is about the latest Zeon MG since Strike Freedom last December.

With such a great design for its inner frame, the action pose shown on the box art of Zaku II Ver. 2.0 is no problem mo for the actual model. Then again, there's a 12-year gap between the two versions, so it'll be unfair to make any comparison actually.

Not only the shoulder armor is being molded as a single piece, Bandai also designed the inner frame for the shoulder armor, which is also in one-piece! You wouldn't get this even in the PG version!

The coolest stuff must be the parts for the conductive pipes. Can't wait to slide those rings into the pipes~

I'm sure all the models in my room will welcome their new comrade as well.

Well, at least I think so~

And when Freedom Gundam sees what Zaku II did,

Muahahaha~ I'll be laughing even more when I got my MG Acguy next week. Wuhhuh~