Monday, July 21, 2008

The Ultimate Lego Gundam

A member on Toysdaily by the username longbb1129 completed a Gundam RX-78-2 using almost countless Lego bricks. After looking at all the photos posted, I am speechless, totally.

longbb_lego_rx782_07_s longbb_lego_rx782_08_s
longbb_lego_rx782_09_s longbb_lego_rx782_10_s
longbb_lego_rx782_11_s longbb_lego_rx782_12_s
I wonder how many Lego bricks used to built this Gundam, and the cost as well ^^;

longbb_lego_rx782_13_s longbb_lego_rx782_14_s
longbb_lego_rx782_15_s longbb_lego_rx782_16_s
Very natural kneeling pose!!

longbb_lego_rx782_01_s longbb_lego_rx782_02_s
longbb_lego_rx782_03_s longbb_lego_rx782_04_s
longbb_lego_rx782_05_s longbb_lego_rx782_06_s
A transformable Core Fighter! Can dock with Gundam some more!

longbb_lego_rx782_17_s longbb_lego_rx782_18_s
longbb_lego_rx782_19_s longbb_lego_rx782_20_s
longbb_lego_rx782_21_s longbb_lego_rx782_22_s
The details of this Gundam go all the way to include the interior for the beam rifle, cockpit, body and even the head!

Images from Toysdaily.

This is however, not the first transformable Lego work done by longbb1129. He did a Space Emperor God Sigma which can gattai for real some time ago.

longbb_lego_godsigma_01_s longbb_lego_godsigma_02_s
longbb_lego_godsigma_03_s longbb_lego_godsigma_04_s
longbb_lego_godsigma_05_s longbb_lego_godsigma_06_s
longbb_lego_godsigma_07_s longbb_lego_godsigma_08_s

Images from Toysdaily.

longbb1129, you're SUPER AWESOME!!

Several other robots assembled using Lego bricks, including Voltron, God Mars, S Gundam and Optimus Prime can be seen in this previous posting.