Friday, July 18, 2008

HG 1/144 GN-X

A completed HG 1/144 GN-X, by Cagalli-bi.

The very dreaded scene O_O

cagallibi_GNX_02_s cagallibi_GNX_03_s
cagallibi_GNX_04_s cagallibi_GNX_05_s
cagallibi_GNX_07_s cagallibi_GNX_15_s
cagallibi_GNX_09_s cagallibi_GNX_10_s
cagallibi_GNX_11_s cagallibi_GNX_12_s
cagallibi_GNX_13_s cagallibi_GNX_14_s
It's great to see that those strange propellant tank-like equipments on the body and waist don't get in the way of all the action.

Assembly of all the top MSs from each faction. Cool~

GN-X is very cool indeed, as with several other villain MSs from Double O like Ali's Enact and Tieren Taozi. But I don't think I have spare budget for GN-X anymore. T___T Also, from the epilogue in Episode 25, it seems that GN-X will continue to serve the UN Forces in Season 2, and comes with new weapons as well. I might want to convince myself to wait till October to see if there's any cooler GN-X variations coming out, or maybe if there a 1/100 scale version planned as well ;-)

All images from Cagalli-bi.