Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Dark Knight is Coming, Again

We're getting closer to one of most anticipated movies of the year: The Dark Knight. Apart from the many new weapons and accessories of Batman, and his new Bat-Pod, The Dark Knight is also the last movie of Heath Ledger. On top of that, this is probably the only major movie for Edison Chen in these few years time, due to his infamous photo leak incident.

Nonetheless, Christopher Nolan's first Batman movie, Batman Begins proved to be a huge success three years ago. The action is one thing, but the drama is what I'm looking forward to. Bruce Wayne's never-ending struggle to conceal his true identity from the public, while trying to win the heart of Rachel Dawes as an 'ordinary' person is very intriguing to watch, and hopefully, Alfred and Mr. Fox (Morgan Freeman) can crack more jokes as well ^^.

On the other hand, much like the Gundam series, ^^; plenty of Batman merchandises announced before the arrival of the movie. You have seen several on display at the recent Tokyo Toy Show, which were from Tamashii Nation. Now let's have a look at what Hot Toys is offering:

1/6 Batman (The Dark Knight Version) - 32cm tall, includes a new head sculpture of Christian Bale as Bruce Wayne, one set of gloves hands for riding the Batpod and many other accessories. Comes with display base featuring 'THE DARK KNIGHT' logo and 'BATMAN' nameplate.

hottoys_darkknight_01_s hottoys_darkknight_02_s hottoys_darkknight_03_s
hottoys_darkknight_04_s hottoys_darkknight_05_s hottoys_darkknight_06_s
To be available by Quarter 3 of 2008. Price from XL-Shop Dotcom is RM458 (US$140.10).

1/6 Bat-Pod - for 1/6 Batman (The Dark Knight Version) mentioned above, comes with Headlights light up function.

hottoys_batpod_01_s hottoys_batpod_02_s hottoys_batpod_03_s
hottoys_batpod_04_s hottoys_batpod_05_s hottoys_batpod_06_s
To be available by Quarter 4 of 2008. Price from XL-Shop Dotcom is RM740 (US$226.30).

1/6 Batmobile - comes with cockpit opening panel and headlights light up function.

hottoys_batmobile_01_s hottoys_batmobile_02_s hottoys_batmobile_03_s
hottoys_batmobile_04_s hottoys_batmobile_05_s hottoys_batmobile_06_s
To be available by Quarter 4 of 2008. Price from XL-Shop Dotcom is RM1,380 (US$422).

1/6 The Joker - 31cm tall, with 32 articulation points all over the body. Comes with plenty of little nifty stuff like his knife, Poker cards, and money notes. (casino dealer from Hell? XD) The evil grin looks totally real ^^;

hottoys_joker_01_s hottoys_joker_02_s hottoys_joker_03_s
hottoys_joker_04_s hottoys_joker_05_s hottoys_joker_06_s
Scheduled to be shipped this month. Price from XL-Shop Dotcom is RM468 (US$143.10).

All images from Hot Toys.