Monday, March 30, 2009

Big Announcement in Gundam Unicorn Vol. 8 & Gundam Double O Movie

Connectivity was really bad last night, so I wasn't able to update much on the last episode of Gundam Double O Season 2. ^^;

Personaly, I think Gundam Double O is a a great return of the Gundam TV series, especially Season 2. Don't want to get all technical about how some technologies and MSs inside the show may seem too bombastic and irrational, the show's pacing is extremely fast, and the many plot twists are very exciting to watch. So many characters, yet there were so many emotional scenes featuring many of them. To accomplish all that in 25 episodes isn't an easy task.

And the usage of recycled scenes is nil for this series, which goes to show how serious the production team treated each episode.

Anyway, plenty of good stuff in the epilogue. Patrick is indeed immortal and gets to marry Kati, which is a great ending for me already, ^^ and that's why I chose that as one of the screen shot for the last episode.

Speaking for which, I forgot how I got started supporting Patrick so much already XD

A theatrical version of the anime has been confirmed in the epilogue as well.

The news is also being confirmed on Anime News Network and Mainichi Dot JP.

We only know it's going to feature Jupiter as one of background of the story, but that it will be on next year. Nothing much has being revealed, but many speculated that it's going to be a crossover between Gundam Double O and Code Geass. I'm a bit skeptical of how that's going to work, but I'll wait for more confirmation before any going for or against it.

Images from Anime News Network and Random Curiosity.

On the other hand, Vol. 8 of Gundam Unicorn's novel will be out on April 25th, and it's going to feature a huge announcement regarding the series.

With the explicit announcement that there won't be any new Gundam TV series coming in this year, we can pretty much rule out the possibility of having an animated Gundam Unicorn from that announcement, so is it about another Gunpla from Gundam Unicorn coming in?

Plenty of possibilities. ^^ Gundam Unicorn's fans please be informed and watch out for the update on April 25th ^^

News and image from GToys.