Sunday, March 15, 2009

PG Astray Red Frame Review Begins

10 more days before its official release in Japan, Gunpla Secret Factory gets the first shot at this PG kit.

Very huge box indeed. But being a variation of PG Strike, I doubt that it's any bigger than its box size.

The booklet on the bottom right should be the prize included (both versions).

Die cast pelvis and knee joints - molded in red.

The reused runner from Strike, which includes parts for the waist that is not necessary ^^;

Love the zigzag design of the katana's handle. ^^

The katana has a protective sticker at the edge.

From the images of the runners posted, one can spot a few of them are reused ones from PG Strike. Large numbers of parts for the arm and legs are from that previous release.

All images from Gunpla Secret Factory.