Thursday, March 12, 2009

BB Senshi Sangokuden Bacho Blue Destiny Now Available

Plus 1/100 Seravee/Seraphim and MG Shin Musha 'Sengoku no Jin' as well.

But BB Senshi Sangokuden Bacho Blue Destiny is even more exciting I think, even in its own series. ^^ Bacho is the first release from Chapter 3 of BB Senshi Sangokuden.

Clear green goggles for the eyes. ^^

Plenty of parts for the head alone - and the changes of the eyes is via rotating the part in the middle of the head

It seems that the hair doesn't have any connection with the gimmick of the eyes as it has to be detached first for the eyes' mode change.

Plenty of combos for Bacho's weapons.

Combo with the Hieisen from Chouun Gundam and the the armors from Emperor Ryubi.

Also, it seems that with the hair in the way, Bacho won't be able to wear any helmet from other BB Senshi Sangokuden kits, but it does have those two insertion points on the forehead, so head gears from Chouryu Gelgoog, Shusou Doven Wolf and a few others can still be worn by him.

1/100 Seravee/Seraphim

Parts for the targeting sensors and the cannons are molded in clear green, but the very obvious holes to attach the hands sure are ugly ^^;

Double joint for the pelvis returns after being omitted for the HG version. ^^

Design for the lighting GN Drive in the neck area is still available.

MG Shin Musha 'Sengoku no Jin'

Super bling-bling for the golden parts ^^

The weapon racks, frames for the backdrop and name plate holders are from repeated runners. Very convenient for Bandai ^^;

Guides to assemble the new parts only take up about three pages in the manual ^^

All images from Hobby Search.