Wednesday, November 18, 2009

More PG 00 Raiser Reviews

More modelers in Japan get their share on assembling PG 00 Raiser before its release. Here are two:

[Plamo Review]

Is that the same LED lighting unit used for 1/100 00 Raiser and MG Exia Ignition Mode?

Not very bright isn't it? ^^;

Much wider articulation for the upper torso than any previous PGs I believe.

Cockpit hatch

Movement of the front skirt armor, sliding panel for the mount rack of GN Sword II on the side skirt armor, and the beam saber on the rear.
The rear skirt armor seems to be made up of separate movable parts as well.

The swinging action of the pelvis joint.
I'm surprised that Bandai doesn't designed it as a die-cast parts anymore. It never occur to me that it's going to be ABS, as die-cast would be in place to support the model with some much weight on the upper body when completed.

Has a GN Stripe at the groin for some reason. ^^;
And "GN (something") is engraved onto the inner frame of the abdomen.

[Until Now Today]: Link 1, Link 2

Plenty of hologram sheet pieces for the GN Stripes of various sizes all over the leg ^^

Two separate sheet of foil stickers for the text and green circle of the GN Condenser on the leg.

Frames on either side of the leg can be extended.
Will they have linked movement with the ankle? Or are they just "movable"?

Just above it for the articulation range of the leg's inner frame? ^^;

The locking mechanism of the leg.
You can see two of the tabs inside the frame that will be used for this purpose.

The waist

The pilot cockpit

The upper body.
From the looks of it, the shoulder joints can "swing" on the chest ring and the GN Stripe beneath the joint will follow the movement.

Do bookmark the two websites for more updates on the model's reviews.

November 26th release, 26,250 Yen (inclusive of tax).

All images are from Plamo Review and Until Now Today.