Wednesday, November 25, 2009

PG 00 Raiser Assembly Progress - GN Drive Mount Rack

Latest report on the assembly of PG 00 Raiser from the Gunpla Secret Base, and with that, he pretty much completed his 00 Gundam (no O Raiser yet).

The latest report presents an important clarification on the mount racks of the GN Drives - it does rotate, allowing the side binders to move up to the front and back, but in a very different way than what the HG and 1/100 scale versions offered that it.

The initial image from Meister Sekita's Modeling Blog in late October came this picture:

From Gunpla Secret Base, we learn that:

The side binder snaps into the slits of a round rack inside the mount rack, allowing it to move.

So, as you can see from the picture, the GN Drive stays in the same position all the time, only the round part inside the mount rack moves, as opposed to the way the HG version achieves the same action ...

... which is by rotating the entire mount rack itself.

So, I believe what Meister Sekita was trying to say in his review is that you can move the side binder up and down just as you could with the HG and 1/100 scale versions of 00 Raiser, but they do rotate nonetheless. ^^

Thanks goodness for that really, or a huge piece of 00 Raiser's awesomeness will be missing XD

The joint is a very brilliant design really. In this way, movement of the side binder will not exhaust the top joint of the mount rack, because the later is not involved at all. ^^

You can push the chest verniers up high to achieve this pose. But it's not so easy due to the protruding part of the chest in front ("胸のダクト部分が前方に突き出しているため、やや難しいですが、腕を組むことも可能です。")

Ratchet joint is used to put the side component to the top portion of the mount rack, so the joint is extra strong in holding the side binder mounted to it.

The joint from the top portion of the mount rack can be extended to rotate the GN Drive mount racks to the front and back.
This function can be seen in the video review by Apron Person Model Production Diary posted yesterday.

Arms of the mount rack can be tilted upwards.

November 26th release, 26,250 Yen (inclusive of tax).

All images are from the Gunpla Secret Base.