Monday, November 23, 2009

Robot Damashii X Gundam?

In an interview between Amiami and Mr. Izumi Katsuhiro (泉勝洋さん) and Mr. Hiroaki Tanaka (田中宏明さん), the developers from Bandai Collectors' Division at the department's meeting held last week, there was some hint indicating the release of X Gundam in Robot Damashii format.

Mr. Izumi Katsuhiro (left) and Mr. Hiroaki Tanaka.

With the huge improvements as seen on V2 Assault Buster Gundam, Izumi Katsuhiro mentioned that it's now a good time for X Gundam to be released, with the support that he was involved in Gundam X's TV series when he was at Sunrise.

He even jokingly mentioned the gattai gimmick of G Falcon.

But as usual, Hiroaki Tanaka mentioned that there are going to more things which are unsuspected from Robot Damashii [Side MS], indicating that anything may be possible. So there's no definite confirmation as to whether Gundam X is going be in or not.

On whether [Side EVA] Eva Unit-1 and Provisional Unit-5 are also under development, Tanaka just said that the release after Unit-2 would be "unpredictable". ^^;

Information and image from Amiami.