Friday, March 26, 2010

Limited Macross F Movie Ver. Nyan Nyan Special Ramen Set Review

A review on the just released Bandai Premium's special limited Macross F Movie Ver. Nyan Nyan special ramen set mentioned in this and this previous posting can be seen on Gigazine.

Yes, although it's "Macross Frontier"-related, it's actually a food review, the first one you see on my blog ^^

Already passed 1PM now (Malaysian time), so I suppose this is not going to make you feel hungry again. ^^;

Ranka's cellphone and Sheryl's decoration from the movie can be seen on the inner side of the clip lids. Both versions are of the same flavor.

Produced by Nissin Food, the same company that brough us Cup Noodle [Mini Gunpla Packing]. Pre-order through Bandai Premium was between January 29th and an undisclosed date when the targeted quote of 5,000 was reached.

Released as a set of 20 cups per set at 5,250 Yen (inclusive of tax). Comes with the special prize of a clear file with illustration of Sheryl Nome and Ranka Lee as well:

Illustration is based on fictitious setting of Ranka Lee at "Macross Heavy Mecha Exhibition" (超時空重機展) and Sheryl Nome at her make-up table during her concert.

Both helping to promote the cup noodle as well. ^^

Images are from Gigazine.