Wednesday, March 31, 2010

MG Wishlist MS Survey

Best Gunpla news for ages I believe. ^^

For celebrating Gunpla 30th Anniversary this year, Bandai through Gunpla 30th Anniversary's official site is conducting a survey that allows folks to pick out MSs from the list provided, or entered MSs they like, which will be taken into consideration to be released as an MG kit in the future. ^^

A whole list of 30 MSs from "Gundam Zeta", "Gundam Double Zeta", "Turn A Gundam" and others are up to be selected. You need to pick at least 3 for the survey. Since all of them are checkboxes, I'm assuming that you can choose all of them as well. ^^; Also, it seems that you can participate in the survey multiple times as well. But please take this chance seriously and provide the most sincere opinion.

The full list, ordered according to the list on the website is as below:
  1. The O --- "Gundam Zeta"
  2. Psycho Gundam (O_O) --- "Gundam Zeta"
  3. Baund Doc --- "Gundam Zeta"
  4. Marasai --- "Gundam Zeta"
  5. Doven Wolf --- "Gundam Double Zeta"
  6. Dreissen --- "Gundam Double Zeta"
  7. Turn X --- "Turn A Gundam"
  8. V2 Gundam --- "Victory Gundam"
  9. Gundam Double X --- "Gundam X"
  10. Gundam Virsago --- "Gundam X"
  11. Nobel Gundam --- "G Gundam"
  12. Gundam Deathscythe --- "Gundam W"
  13. Gundam Heavyarms --- "Gundam W"
  14. Gundam Sandrock --- "Gundam W"
  15. Shenlong Gundam --- "Gundam W"
  16. Gundam Epyon --- "Gundam W"
  17. Tallgeese --- "Gundam W"
  18. Legend Gundam --- "Gundam SEED Destiny"
  19. Akatsuki Gundam --- "Gundam SEED Destiny"
  20. 00 Raiser --- "Gundam Double O"
  21. Cherudim Gundam --- "Gundam Double O"
  22. Arios Gundam --- "Gundam Double O"
  23. Seravee Gundam --- "Gundam Double O"
  24. Reborns Gundam --- "Gundam Double O"
  25. Susanowo --- "Gundam Double O"
  26. Arche Gundam --- "Gundam Double O"
  27. Kshatriya --- "Gundam UC"
  28. ReZEL --- "Gundam UC"
  29. Stark Jegan --- "Gundam UC"
  30. Geara Zulu --- "Gundam UC"
  31. Others
Only Japanese prefectures are listed in the list of states, but you can participate even if you're from outside Japan. I just voted 3 as someone from Tokyo. ^^

There's no mentioning how the result from the survey is going to be released (or if that's going to be shown at all) and when the winner from the survey is going to be released in the MG series as promised, but let's just vote and hope for the best for now. ^^

The link is here.

Information is from Gunpla 30th Anniversary's official site.