Sunday, March 21, 2010

All Night Newtype Show

For celebrating the 25th Anniversary of Newtype magazine, an event called "All Night Newtype Show" has being launched in Shinjuku yesterday (March 20th), but starting 2AM today (March 21st) till 12 noon on March 23rd, talk shows will be available on Newtype's website, featuring "Haruhi" movie, "Macross F", "Gundam Double O" and another two.

At the same time, you can watch videos of many celebrities in the world of anime giving their congrats to Newtype magazine for this anniversary celebration. Most of the videos feature seiyuu from various anime series:

- Yoshiyuki Tomino (富野由悠季) creator and director of "MS Gundam"
- Mamoru Nagano (永野護) creator of "Five Star Stories"
- Daisuke Ono (小野大輔) Koizumi from "Haruhi"
- Shinichiro Miki (三木眞一郎) Lockon Stratos from "Gundam Double O", Ryusei Date from "Super Robot Wars", Kurz Weber from "Full Metal Panic!"
- Daisuke Namikawa (浪川大輔) Rock from "Black Lagoon", Michael Trinity from "Gundam Double O", Riddhe Marcenas from "Gundam UC"

- Kikuko Inoue (井上喜久子) Grace O'Connor from "Macross Frontier", Aina Sahalin from "MS Gundam the 08th MS Team"
- Aya Hirano (平野綾) Haruhi from "Haruhi", Konata from "Lucky Star"
- Minori Chihara (茅原実里) Nagato Yuki from "Haruhi"
- Miyuki Sawashiro (沢城みゆき) Maria from "Zetsubo Sensei"
- May'n - singing voice for Sheryl Nome from "Macross Frontier"
- Ami Koshimizu (小清水亜美) Kallen Stadtfeld from "Code Geass"

Information is from Newtype's 25th Anniversary official site.