Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Limited Weapon Set for Robot Damashii Turn A Gundam & Arbalest with Weapon Set

New collectibles announced in Dengeki Hobby May issue, limited releases though. Also, both sets have been somewhat shown in the past, for those who remember them.

Weapon set for Robot Damashii [Side MS] Turn A Gundam - Tamashii Web Shop limited release. Set includes WaD, beam sword for Turn X, Gundam Hammer for Turn A Gundam and Minchi Drill for Turn A Gundam and WaD. Pre-order info, release date and price TBA.

WaD was on display at Tamashii Feature Vol. 1 held earlier last month.

Robot Damashii [Side AS] Arbalest (M9 Color Ver.) + Weapon Set - Dengekiya Hobby Hall and Dengeki Hobby limited release. Pre-order info and release date TBA, 6,000 Yen (inclusive of tax).

Was announced in Dengeki Hobby April issue as "Bandai Collector & Dengeki Hobby Magazine & Kanetake Ebikawa Collaboration Project".

Images are from CyberGundam.