Wednesday, March 24, 2010

MS Gundam UC (3) The Red Comet Book Cover & Gundam UC Campaign New Images

Design of Kadokawa Publication's upcoming novel, "MS Gundam UC (3) The Red Comet":

April 1st release (Kadokawa Web), 540 Yen (inclusive of tax).

A list of "new" Gundam UC novels published by Kadokawa Publication so far with the release of the OVA can be seen in this previous posting.

Image is from Amazon Japan.

On a related note, new images showing Kadokawa Publication's special campaign to commemorate the release of "Gundam UC" OVA.

This special campaign was announced back in mid January.

All 4 types of prizes to be given out to 115 winners:

Prize A: "Gundam UC" Gunpla Set of 5 - 5 winners.
Prize B: "Gundam UC" Blu-ray disc - 10 winners.
Prize C: "Gundam UC" Toshocard Anime Ver. - 50 winners.
Prize D: "Gundam UC" Toshocard Kadokawa Sneaker Books/Haruhiko Mikimoto Ver. - 50 winners.

To participate, you need to collect 2 special tickets included in Gundam Ace magazine and other corresponding books and publications (comic not included), and send them to Kadokawa Publication along with a postcard filled with your personal details as well as the type of prizes you would like to win.

Publications released between December 26th, 2009 and March 25th, 2010 are selected for this campaign.

The latest date to send in the participation is on March 25th.

During the campaign, special bookmarks will be included in the original novel and comic. All 10 designs to be collected:

Images and information are from Kadokawa.