Thursday, May 06, 2010

Banpresto's Gundam & Macross Frontier Prize Item Sets for May

Banpresto is pretty late in announcing this month's list of prize items in all category. Unfortunately for the Gundam section, the lateness doesn't equate to more types. Just one set of Gundam prize items for this month from Banpresto.

If not for the Macross Frontier prize item dragged into this posting, it's going to be even more lonelier for that Gundam prize item set ^^

Gundam Assembly Type Gundam War Collection Vol. 1

All 3 types featuring Gundam Exia, God Gundam and Gundam Epyon. 8cm tall each. Mid May release.

Macross Frontier Figure Key Chain Vol. Bobby Margot

All 5 types featuring Alto, Sheryl Nome, Bobby Margot, Klan Klein Armor Equipped Ver. and Klein's Queadluun-Rea. 5cm tall each. Late May release.

Images are from Banpresto.