Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Gundam Double O Updates & Gundam NT-X

Mentioned a bit about Gundam Astraea Type F some time ago, more images and information about this Gundam this time from the magazine scan of Dengeki Hobby March issue. Then again, since the text is in Japanese, I have no idea what it says ^^; And because of that, I only remember Astraea Type F as Astraea painted in red. ^^

Not sure if Type F is any difference than the original white Astraea in terms of mecha specification.

From other sources, a new female character from 00F is reviewed, and a super-cute one as well ^o^

With characters like Neena, and this new one coming out, Gundam Double O, as well as its side stories has finally show some serious progress in terms of fan service XD

Somehow she looks like Latooni from Super Robot Wars to me, but more importantly, is she human?

Still a bit on Gundam Double O, SD Gundam Full Color coming at the end of February will feature Team Trinity.

The three Thrones are the hottest Gundams at the moment no doubt ^^
Image from Hobby Japan March issue magazine scan.

Also, I might a slow discoverer here:

Does the GN Arms looks like its from the containers on Ptolemaios? It sure looks like it to me, ^^ after its color was revealed yesterday.

On a completely separate note, another mecha design from SD Gundam: G Generation Spirits, Gundam NT-X has being reviewed. If you don't know this already, G Generation Spirits was a PS2 title released last year. Although all the mecha in the game is in SD scale, several newly designed mecha were included. Check out my previous posting to have a look at them.

The first mecha from the series announced in normal scale was Vigna Ronah. With this Gundam been announced, hopefully the designs of all the other mecha will be released as well.

I checked the information on this Gundam on Mahq.net and found out that the pilot is Alfred Izuruha, the little kid from Gundam 0080: War in a Pocket.
That kid grew up and became a Newtype? o_0