Thursday, August 05, 2010

Dengeki King of Gunpla Winners

As this year's edition of Dengeki King of Gunpla contest has started in early July, Gundam Dot Info has a compilation of the grand champions' work in 11 past events:

[1st edition]: PG 1/60 scale Hyaku Shiki - Done by Einosuke "the First" Hino (鋭之助・初代・日野).

Einosuke "the First" Hino is currently a professional modeler with work featured monthly in Dengeki Hobby magazine.

[2nd edition]: 1/100 Zaku High Mobility Test Type - Done by Imai Yasuhiro (今井康博).

[3rd edition]: Nuclear Drive GP01 - Done by 赤澤経治.

[4th edition]: PG Barzam - Done by はヤナガ利彦.

[5th edition]: 1/100 ReGZ Custom B - Done by Leung Lai Kit (梁禮傑, from Hong Kong).

The 5th edition is the first time when the contest is expanded to include entries from Hong Kong.

[6th edition]: NRX-301 TR-7 Aepyornis - Done by GAS (Japan).

[7th edition]: 1/144 "The Blue Print" - Done by 李健信 (Hong Kong).

[8th edition]: 1/100 "Cross Section" - Done by Tomoon Lee (Hong Kong).

[9th edition]: 1/100 "Next Generation Test Factory" - Done by takayo4 (Japan).

[10th edition]: 1/100 MSN-04S Scalebane Sazabi - Done by Ambrose Cheng (Hong Kong).

[11th edition]: 1/100 MG GN-X - Done by Iwasuke (Japan).

Who will be the King of Gunpla for this year's edition? ^^

Images are from Gundam Dot Info.